Upcoming conferences

Fabien Potencier

August 24, 2009

I'm back from mostly six weeks of vacation. I really enjoyed being able to drop my laptop and spent time doing non-computer related stuff. Everything has to end, and as of today, I'm back to work... Well, mostly. I will travel a lot during fall for business reasons, and also to speak at several conferences.

First, I'm really excited to have been invited to speak at the 10th Japan PHP conference in Tokyo (4-5 September 2009). Being my first time there, I will speak about symfony of course, and how the framework help developing professional websites.

Then, I will speak at the Zend PHP Conference (19-22 October 2009 - San Jose CA, USA). This will be the first time I attend the Zend conference. I will talk about "Using Zend Framework and Symfony Together" and will participate at the "Framework Shootout".

Towards the end of the year, I will speak at the Forum PHP (12-13 November 2009 - Paris, France). This year, I will play with PHP 5.3 and show how to take advantage of the language new features (this one will be in French).

To end this year of conferences, I will eventually speak at the International PHP Conference (15-18 November 2009 - Karlsruhe, Germany), where I will have two sessions: "Symfony Components: What's in for you?", and "Dependency Injection in PHP 5.2 and 5.3".

If you attend any of these conferences, stop by and let's talk a bit.