Swift Mailer Takeover

Fabien Potencier

September 16, 2009

Swift Mailer

As you might have noticed if you follow me on Twitter, I'm the new project manager of Swift Mailer, a powerful mailing library for PHP.

This is a great honor for me to take over such a project. The Swift Mailer project has been initiated by Chris Corbyn some years ago. He has done a wonderful job during the years, trying to find the best way to create a top-notch emailing solution for PHP. With the release of the 4th version of Swift Mailer earlier this year, I think we now have a very solid mailing library. It is one of the most beautiful code I have had the pleasure to read. Also, the library is feature-rich, object-oriented, and very modular thanks to its plugin architecture. The good news is that Chris will still work on the project, so the takeover will be smooth.

Unfortunately, it seems that Swift Mailer has not been as widespread as it deserves to be. One of my goal is to spread the word about it, and of course, if you are looking for a good solution to send emails, try it, you won't be disappointed. It is already used by companies sending ten of thousands of emails per hour!

As a good news never comes alone, as we say in France, Swift Mailer 4 will also be supported as the default emailing solution as of symfony 1.3.

I also have lots of ideas to move the project forward. One of them is to better support the intricacies of Japanese emails. Another one is to have better documentation, and more people talking about the project.

Of course I need help. So, if you want to join a great Open-Source project, visit the Swift Mailer website today, subscribe to the mailing-list, and help us build a great PHP library!