Jobeet: The symfony 1.2 advent calendar

Fabien Potencier

December 02, 2008

Just after the immediate availability of symfony 1.2, I was very proud to announce the 2008 symfony advent calendar: Jobeet.


Like askeet, Jobeet is a set of 24 tutorials to help you learn the main symfony features and best practices. But unlike askeet, the Jobeet application is much more simple. It will give us more time to talk about symfony, rather than doing copy and paste of code snippets. As more time will be dedicated to the description of symfony functionalities, I will also try to make it a self-contained tutorial. It means that even symfony beginners will be able to learn all the basics of symfony development without any other reference materials. Of course, to master symfony, developers will also need to learn advanced stuff that are extensively described in the symfony book, in the form book, in the symfony cookbook, and in the API. But the idea behind Jobeet is to provide a gentle introduction to the symfony world.

Writing a tutorial a day for 24 days will be quite fun, and it's also quite a challenge! So, wish me luck and I hope you will enjoy reading Jobeet!