Twitter and Emails are good; Postcards are better

Fabien Potencier

October 11, 2010

As a lead developer of Symfony, I need feedback. Symfony being an Open-Source project, there is no way I can know how many people are using it, who they are and what they do with it. That's fine and all, but sometimes, that would really help me to know the Symfony user base a bit more. Sure enough, I have some feedback via email and Twitter. Actually, I receive tons of emails every single day about Symfony and my other Open-Source projects (with a raising number of Git pull requests... keep them coming by the way). But unfortunately, most of them are from people complaining about something or asking me some more free stuff. I must admit that this is depressing.

During the Symfony Day conference last week, I suggested that people send me a postcard if they use Symfony. The idea is not mine, as Derick did the same a couple of years ago for XDebug.

So, if you use Symfony and enjoy it, consider sending me a postcard. Tell me why you are a Symfony user and what you do with it (if you're not comfortable with English, that's fine... I will also enjoy Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic postcards). You can send them to my personal address:

Fabien Potencier
5, allée des Rosiers
78670 Villennes-sur-seine

or to Sensio:

Fabien Potencier
92-98, boulevard Victor Hugo
92115 Clichy

And I have a dream that one day I will receive a postcard each time a new Symfony website is deployed to production.


gravatar Stan  — October 11, 2010 09:59   #1
I hope, you have a big mailbox !
gravatar Fred Rocha  — October 11, 2010 10:04   #2
I'll personally swing by Clichy to hand you a postcard and a thankful handshake.

Keep up the good work. We're moving the world forward, mon ami.
gravatar Bob  — October 11, 2010 10:36   #3
Will you enjoy it if french natives send you a postcard "dans la langue de Molière" ? :-)
gravatar Vladislav Rastrusny  — October 11, 2010 10:40   #4
We will send you so many postcards, so you will be able to reprocess them and build a new house for yourself. :)
gravatar Paulo M  — October 11, 2010 11:59   #5
Well, I use Symfony for a postcard project that allowed over 5 million postcards exchanged to date -

So, indirectly, you are responsible for those too! :) Anyway, a postcard from me will heading your way for sure.
gravatar Alessandro  — October 11, 2010 12:04   #6
let's send a postcard per project! :-)
gravatar Kuban Dzhakipov  — October 12, 2010 06:35   #7
I love symfony. Symfony Rocks! )))
gravatar Daniel Londero  — October 13, 2010 14:04   #8
I've bought a postcard here in Mainz (I'm at IPC) for you. In future I'll send a postcard per project :)
gravatar Baptiste  — October 19, 2010 16:51   #9
En français :)

Attendez vous à recevoir une quantité impressionante de carte postales !
Merci pour tout le travail fait avec Sensio Labs et symfony, il est vrai que l'on exprime jamais assez sa reconnaissance, mais soyez en sur, elle est réelle !
gravatar Halil  — October 19, 2010 18:56   #10
Symfony rocks. I'm gonna send you a postcard per project. Maybe I can manage to send for past projects too :)
gravatar Marion  — October 21, 2010 08:12   #11
You'll get one from Tokyo to. In japanese, french or english ?
Thank you so much for Symfony. It changed so many things in the way I work. I wanna get better at using it. I'm discovering new things everyday and I'm always a little more amazed about the great work you all did on that project.
Trying to spread it in Japan right now!
keep up the good job !

gravatar bob  — October 26, 2010 23:08   #12
tu veux vraiment te fâcher avec ton facteur ?
you reaaly wanna be in trouble with the postman ?