Swift Mailer Takeover

Fabien Potencier

September 16, 2009

Swift Mailer

As you might have noticed if you follow me on Twitter, I'm the new project manager of Swift Mailer, a powerful mailing library for PHP.

This is a great honor for me to take over such a project. The Swift Mailer project has been initiated by Chris Corbyn some years ago. He has done a wonderful job during the years, trying to find the best way to create a top-notch emailing solution for PHP. With the release of the 4th version of Swift Mailer earlier this year, I think we now have a very solid mailing library. It is one of the most beautiful code I have had the pleasure to read. Also, the library is feature-rich, object-oriented, and very modular thanks to its plugin architecture. The good news is that Chris will still work on the project, so the takeover will be smooth.

Unfortunately, it seems that Swift Mailer has not been as widespread as it deserves to be. One of my goal is to spread the word about it, and of course, if you are looking for a good solution to send emails, try it, you won't be disappointed. It is already used by companies sending ten of thousands of emails per hour!

As a good news never comes alone, as we say in France, Swift Mailer 4 will also be supported as the default emailing solution as of symfony 1.3.

I also have lots of ideas to move the project forward. One of them is to better support the intricacies of Japanese emails. Another one is to have better documentation, and more people talking about the project.

Of course I need help. So, if you want to join a great Open-Source project, visit the Swift Mailer website today, subscribe to the mailing-list, and help us build a great PHP library!


gravatar Christof Damian  — September 16, 2009 16:24   #1
Once my symfony package is accepted for Fedora and symfony 1.3 is released I will try to get Swift Mailer into Fedora too.
gravatar Dan  — September 16, 2009 16:30   #2
This is great news for a great project. Chris has been fantastic over the years and I'm glad he is staying on the project. I've been using Swift Mailer for several years and it is hands down the best email library out there for php. There is definitely lots of great opportunity for it to grow with new features and adoption by more users. I'd be happy to help spread the word and possibly with development/support.
gravatar Tom Sommer  — September 16, 2009 16:41   #3
Really great news, was afraid it would end up as another abandoned project.
gravatar Sobstel  — September 16, 2009 16:53   #4
Great library indeed. HTML emails work for me pretty well and it was not case when I tried other solutions like Zend_Mail (though could be easier, for example: images autodiscovery and attaching could be great). Anyway, great news to hear.
gravatar Martin F  — September 16, 2009 17:06   #5
I've been using Swift Mailer for well above a year now, it sends several thousand emails a day and it's never complained even once.

But I'd have to agree with you that the code is a pleasure to read and that should make further development really easy.

Good luck with the project.
gravatar Ivan Jovanovic  — September 16, 2009 18:14   #6
I used Swift Mailer before and I totally agree with you regarding all it's qualities. I also agree that it was underpromoted.

Congrats and respect for your new position.

gravatar Pádraic Brady  — September 16, 2009 18:42   #7
Swiftmailer is PHP's best email library (forget Zend_Mail - I might be a Zend Framework proponent but I know when to drop components). I've been using it since Chris released it and never looked back.

Best of luck!
gravatar Timo Haberkern  — September 17, 2009 08:58   #8
Great news. I'm glad to hear that SWIFT will get Standard in SF 1.3. Using it in Symfony Projects for a while now
gravatar Stig Manning  — September 17, 2009 09:40   #9
That is very good news Fabien. Thanks for taking the reigns there, I was worried that Swift mailer was going to lose focus without a talented lead.

gravatar Jonathan Nieto  — September 17, 2009 22:03   #10
Excellent news, wanna see its integration wih symfony 1.3!!!
gravatar Hari K T  — September 18, 2009 13:06   #11
Congrats for being the Project Manager . Hearing about swift mailer for the first time .
I may want to try it out . Hoping to see more components like this in your next posts .
gravatar Patrick  — September 18, 2009 14:45   #12
Will TLS authentication make it into Swiftmailer anytime soon?
gravatar Patrick  — September 18, 2009 14:47   #13
I hope this means that TLS authenitcation will make it into swiftmailer soon! Otherwise those of us trying to bring PHP into the enterprise environment will continue be to told to use 'real' tools, like Microsoft junk.. AAHHH!
gravatar Fabien  — September 18, 2009 15:30   #14
@Patrick: Swift Mailer 4 supports TLS authentication out of the box. So, it's "enterprise" ready ;)
gravatar Henrik  — September 26, 2009 15:36   #15
Well the library is only as good as the server sending out the emails in the backend.

So the comment about sending out ten of thousands email every hour depends more on the smtp server than Swift_Mailer it self.
gravatar arena  — September 28, 2009 13:01   #16
félicitations !
gravatar Federico  — October 24, 2009 02:10   #17
A lot of the people know Chris and Swift_Mailer, his work has been heavily promoted in blogs, forums and magazines. The reason why I think Swift_Mailer never became as popular as PHPMailer or Zend_Mail, was because of its complexity. The API was more difficult to learn, memorize and use (I don't know if that's still the case). However, and like you said, Swift_Mailer is an excellent library. It's complete and easy to extend. However, most people decided to go with the "easy to learn" solution instead of the "easy to extend".