Announcing 24 Days of Blackfire

Fabien Potencier

December 01, 2015

I still remember the excitement I had 15 years ago when I discovered my first programming advent calendar; it was one about Perl. It was awesome, and every year, I was waiting for another series of blog posts about great Perl modules. When I open-sourced symfony1, I knew that writing an advent calendar would help adoption; Askeet was indeed a great success and the first advent calendar I was heavily involved with. I wrote another one, Jobeet, for symfony 1.4 some years later.

And today, I'm very happy to announce my third advent calendar, this one is about Blackfire. This time, the goal is different though: in this series, I won't write an application, but instead, I'm going to look at some development best practices which includes topics like profiling, performance, testing, continuous integration, and my vision on performance optimization best practices.

I won't reveal more about the content of the 24 days as the point is for you to discover a new chapter day after day, but I can already tell you that I have some great presents for you... just one small clue: it's about Open-Sourcing something. I'm going to stop this blog post now before I tell you too much!

Enjoy the first installment for now as it has just been published.