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Week 1March 21, 2020

First week of confinement.

Symfony 4: Unpack the PacksJanuary 04, 2018

Introducing a way to unpack the packs.

Symfony 4: Performance out of the BoxDecember 11, 2017

What about Symfony 4 performance? We worked on specific performance improvements for Symfony 4, but several non-performance related core changes help with performance as well.

Symfony Flex Private RepositoriesNovember 23, 2017

Private recipes repositories support added to the Symfony Flex server.

Symfony 4: An Update on FlexNovember 21, 2017

A quick update on recent changes in Symfony Flex.

Symfony 4: Directory Structure UpdatesJuly 03, 2017

After a long discussion in the community, the directory structure was slightly changed.

Symfony 4: A quick DemoMay 02, 2017

Eager to test Symfony 4. At least, the current preview version? Let's do it now.

Symfony 4: Contributing RecipesApril 18, 2017

The Symfony Recipes are opinionated, but anyone can contribute.

Symfony 4: Automate your WorkflowApril 13, 2017

Time to introduce Symfony Flex, Symfony 4 secret weapon. Learn more about what it can do for you.

Symfony 4: Directory StructureApril 10, 2017

Symfony 4 has a slightly reworked directory structure. Incremental adjustments to support new features and best practices.

Symfony 4: Best PracticesApril 07, 2017

Any major version of a project is an opportunity to revisit its best practices. Modernizing them. Adapting them to the project's new features. Symfony 4 is no exception.

Symfony 4: Monolith vs MicroApril 05, 2017

Monolith projects versus micro-applications; Symfony 4 supports both.

Symfony 4: Compose your ApplicationsApril 03, 2017

Symfony 4 is going to be much more than just a cleaned-up version of Symfony 3.

The Symfony TrademarkMarch 14, 2017

Symfony is a trademark and I'm trying to protect the brand with a trademark policy. Why?

Announcing 24 Days of BlackfireDecember 01, 2015

It's advent calendar time! Discover my new 24 days series about PHP performance optimization.

"Create your Own Framework" Series UpdateJuly 05, 2015

Three years ago, I published a series of articles about how to create a framework on top of the Symfony components. An updated version is now available.

Blackfire, a new Profiler for PHP DevelopersApril 15, 2015

The one where I talk about my latest project: Blackfire.io

PHP CS Fixer finally reaches version 1.0November 12, 2014

Let's celebrate version 1.0!

About Personal Github AccountsNovember 06, 2014

I'm moving most of my projects to Github organizations.

The PHP Security Advisories DatabaseOctober 26, 2014

The PHP Security Advisories Database is now public domain and has moved to a new organization.

Signing Project ReleasesAugust 05, 2014

About a year ago, I started to sign all my Open-Source project releases. Here is how you verify the integrity of what you've installed in your project.

The rise of Composer and the fall of PEARMay 05, 2014

The one where I explain my plans about my project PEAR channels.

SensioLabs raises 5 million euros to boost the Symfony ecosystemDecember 16, 2013

Today, I'm really excited to announce that SensioLabs just raised 5 million euros (about 7 million dollars) to boost Symfony and its ecosystem.

Packing a Symfony full-stack Framework Application in one File -- BootstrappingJune 18, 2013

In this second part of the series, we are going to install the Symfony Standard Edition and start cleaning it as much as possible.

Packing a Symfony full-stack Framework Application in one File -- IntroductionJune 17, 2013

This is the first part of a series of articles about packing a Symfony full-stack application in one file. This one explains why this might come in handy and why the challenge itself is interesting.

About Symfony: Stability over FeaturesApril 15, 2013

Everybody knows about "Convention over Configuration" introduced by Rails. What about "Stability over Features" for Symfony?

Don't use PHP libraries with known security issuesFebruary 19, 2013

The one where I announce the launch of security.sensiolabs.org.

Debugging Silex applications just got funFebruary 07, 2013

Enjoy using the Symfony Web Profiler into your Silex application.

Why Symfony?September 07, 2012

Choosing a PHP framework is not easy. Why would you choose Symfony over framework X?

PHP is much better than you thinkJuly 04, 2012

Rants about PHP are everywhere but do you really know what PHP can do for you nowadays?

Sami: Yet another PHP API documentation generatorMay 15, 2012

Today is my "*let open source some of my private Github repositories*" day, and more specifically, I'm releasing a bunch of code related to documentation.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 12)January 25, 2012

In the twelveth part, we are using a dependency injection container to make your framework truly configurable.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 11)January 23, 2012

In the eleventh part of the series, we are going to remove most of the code we have written so far!

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 10)January 21, 2012

In the tenth part of the series, we are making the applications built with our framework faster thanks to HTTP caching.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 9)January 19, 2012

In this ninth part of the series, our framework will become more extensible.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 8)January 17, 2012

In this eight part of the series, we are making our framework more robust by writing some unit tests for it.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 7)January 15, 2012

In this seventh part of the series, we are looking into refactoring our framework for better reusability.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 6)January 13, 2012

In this sixth part of the series, we are going to stat using the HttpKernel component.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 5)January 11, 2012

In this fifth part of the series, we are going to talk about controllers.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 4)January 09, 2012

In this fourth part of the series, we are going to use the Symfony2 Routing component.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 3)January 07, 2012

In this third part of the series, we are going to create our first "real" framework.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 2)January 05, 2012

In this second part of the series, we are going to use the Symfony2 HttpFoundation component.

Create your own framework... on top of the Symfony2 Components (part 1)January 03, 2012

The first part of a series of articles where I will show you how to create your own framework based on the Symfony2 Components.

What is Symfony2?October 25, 2011

Last week, I held a keynote presentation about Symfony2 at the Symfony Day conference in Cologne. Many people asked me for the slides, but they were quite empty and not that useful. This blog post is more or less what I've said during the first part of the talk.

The PHP Ternary Operator: Fast or not?July 16, 2011

People like micro-optimizations. They are easy to understand, easy to apply... and useless. But some time ago, while reviewing pull requests for Twig, I read an interesting discussion about the performance of the ternary operator in PHP. Here is what I learned.

Pragmatism over Theory: Protected vs PrivateMarch 29, 2011

I often favor pragmatism over theory; probably because programming is how I earn a living but also because I don't have any computer science degree and what I know I've learned from my experience.

Twitter and Emails are good; Postcards are betterOctober 11, 2010

I have a dream that one day I will receive a postcard each time a new Symfony website is deployed to production.

Iterator or IteratorAggregate?June 24, 2010

A quick tip on iterators.

PHP Iterators and Streams are awesomeMay 21, 2010

You should learn how to take advantages of PHP Iterators and Streams.

Find your FilesApril 22, 2010

How do you find files and directories with PHP? Do you use Iterators? If not, you probably should... or keep reading for a better and simpler way.

Parsing XML documents with CSS selectorsMarch 31, 2010

The one where I talk about the new and shiny Symfony 2 CSS Selector Component, a tool that converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions.

Symfony Live Conference, Symfony 2.0, and Dependency InjectionFebruary 19, 2010

This has been an amazing week for me, Symfony, and the whole Symfony community. With more than 350 attendees coming from more than 30 countries, the Symfony Live conference was a blast.

The state of YAML in PHPDecember 21, 2009

My first exposure to YAML was in 2001, back in the days when I was mainly working with Perl. When I started to use PHP at the end of 2004, one of the first thing that bothered me immediately was the poor support for YAML.

2009 Conferences Wrap-upDecember 15, 2009

This year, I traveled in 7 countries for PHP conferences, giving a total of 12 talks. It has been a very exiting year of conferences for me.

Pirum, the Simple PEAR Channel Server ManagerNovember 28, 2009

Some weeks ago during the Zend Conference, I quietly released Pirum, a simple PEAR channel server manager. As some people talk about it on "social networks", I thought I should write an official announcement on my blog to explain where I come from.

PHP 5.3.0 on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)November 05, 2009

How I compiled PHP 5.3 on my Snow Leopard laptop.

My first Zend Conference was a blastOctober 24, 2009

This was my first Zend Conference, and I must say I had a great time there. The organization was top notch, there were plenty of good sessions, and the unconference topics proved to be very interesting.

Templating engines in PHP - Follow-UpOctober 09, 2009

My post about template engines in PHP had now more than 70 comments, and counting. This follow-up tries to answer the most asked questions.

Templating Engines in PHPOctober 07, 2009

So, you think PHP is a templating engine? So did I... for a very long time. But recently, I changed my mind. Here is why.

Swift Mailer TakeoverSeptember 16, 2009

As you might have noticed, I'm the new project manager of Swift Mailer, a powerful mailing library for PHP.

Developers should be ArtistsAugust 25, 2009

During my holidays, I took the chance to step back a little and think about my day-to-day work. In this post, I try to explain why hacking is really an art.

Upcoming conferencesAugust 24, 2009

During fall, I will speak at several conferences: the Japan PHP conference in Japan, the Zend PHP conference in the USA, the Forum PHP in France, and the PHP International Conference in Germany.

Sourceforge Community Choice Awards: symfony is a Finalist!June 22, 2009

I'm proud to announce that symfony has been chosen as a finalist for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards.

Pimple, the small dependency injection container for PHP 5.3June 16, 2009

The one where I talk about Pimple.

Tweeting from PHPJune 14, 2009

Twitter is everywhere nowadays. Odds are eventually you will want to tweet from PHP. No need to use one of the numerous PHP Twitter libraries, as tweeting is as simple as using the PHP built-in `file_get_contents()` function.

Quick SSH TipJune 09, 2009

If you need to regularly connect to a lot of different servers like I do, you will probably enjoy this tip!

What for PHP6?June 07, 2009

PHP 5.3 is just around the corner with a lot of great new features. But what for PHP 6?

On PHP 5.3, Lambda Functions, and ClosuresApril 16, 2009

PHP 5.3 will have a lot of exiting new features, and one of the most important one for me is the introduction of lambda functions and closures support.

Symfony Service Container: The Need for SpeedApril 02, 2009

During the first five articles of this series on Dependency Injection, we have progressively introduced the main concepts behind this simple and useful design pattern. In this last article, we will see how to use some dumpers to have outstanding performance.

Symfony Service Container: Using XML or YAML to describe ServicesApril 01, 2009

With the last article on Dependency Injection, you learned how to describe services with PHP code by using the sfServiceContainerBuilder class. Today, with the help of service loaders and dumpers, you will learn how to use XML or YAML to describe your services.

Symfony Service Container: Using a Builder to create ServicesMarch 31, 2009

In the previous article on Dependency Injection, you learned how to use the sfServiceContainer class to provide a more appealing interface to your service containers. In this article, we will go one step further and learn how to leverage the sfServiceContainerBuilder class to describe services and their configuration in pure PHP code.

Introduction to the Symfony Service ContainerMarch 30, 2009

Until now in this series on Dependency Injection, we have talked about general concepts. These two introductory articles were important to better understand the implementation we will talk about in this article and in the following ones. It is now time to dive into the Symfony 2 service container implementation.

Do you need a Dependency Injection Container?March 28, 2009

In the first installment of this series on Dependency Injection, I have tried to give concrete web examples of Dependency Injection in action. Today, I will talk about Dependency Injection Containers.

What is Dependency Injection?March 26, 2009

This article is the first of a series on Dependency Injection in general and the implementation of a Dependency Injection Container in PHP.

Short URLsMarch 06, 2009

Websites like Twitter makes URL shortener services a must. My main concern with URL shortening is that you loose all the meaning embedded in the URLs. I wanted a shortener URL service that gives short URLs, but also keep some sort of meaningful information about the original URL.

PHP Serialization, Stack Traces, and ExceptionsFebruary 11, 2009

Yesterday, I fixed a [bug](http://trac.symfony-project.org/ticket/5267) that looks very weird at first. In this post, I will describe the problem, the solution I found, and explain some PHP behaviors in the process.

print vs echo, which one is faster?February 04, 2009

As probably many of you, I am tired to read blog posts about non-sense micro-optimizations like replacing `print` by `echo`, `++$i` by `$i++`, or double quotes by single quotes. Why? Because 99.999999% of the time, you don't care. Why? Because 99.99% of the time, you'd better install a PHP accelerator like APC, or add these missing indexes on some database columns, or try to avoid those 1000 database requests per page.

Getting information from SVN with PHPFebruary 03, 2009

Last year, I deployed a new tool to manage symfony plugins. The first goal of this tool was to simplify the process of contributing new plugins. It proved to be very successful, and I had a good feeling that the plugin creation rate was rising since then. And yesterday, I wanted to have hard numbers to back me up.

Twitto - A web framework in a tweetJanuary 10, 2009

Some days ago, I started to use [twitter](http://twitter.com/fabpot). I am not sure how it will works for me, but I will try to do some experiments with it.

Jobeet: The symfony 1.2 advent calendarDecember 02, 2008

Just after the [immediate availability of symfony 1.2](http://www.symfony-project.org/blog/2008/12/01/symfony-1-2-is-already-available), I was very proud to announce the [2008 symfony advent calendar](http://www.symfony-project.org/blog/2008/12/01/do-you-know-jobeet): **[Jobeet](http://www.symfony-project.org/jobeet/1_2/en/)**.

A symfony tip: Unit test your Propel classesOctober 03, 2008

Learn how to easily test your Propel classes

A symfony tip: Tweak Template NamesFebruary 17, 2008

Learn how to customize the template used by your actions.

symfony 1.1 form framework and the MVC patternJanuary 15, 2008

In this post, I try to explain the philosophy behind the new symfony form framework and how it sticks to the MVC pattern.

A symfony tip: Customize Propel Generated SQLDecember 08, 2007

Learn how to customize the Propel generated SQL by executing some SQL statements after the `propel-insert-sql` task (`propel:insert-sql` in symfony 1.1).

A symfony tip: Upgrade a project running symfony 1.0November 20, 2007

Learn how to stay up to date with the symfony 1.0 branch.

A symfony tip: "Your name here"November 08, 2007

Learn how to automatically customize the symfony generated classes author name.

A symfony tip: Rename a symfony ModuleNovember 06, 2007

Learn how to rename a symfony module step by step.

A symfony tip: Rename a symfony ApplicationNovember 05, 2007

Learn how to rename a symfony application step by step.

A symfony tip: Clear the cache without the command lineNovember 03, 2007

Learn how to clear the symfony cache without using the command line. This tip is quite useful if you only have FTP access to your production server.

Welcome to my BlogNovember 01, 2007

Welcome to my blog!